As governments across North America increase efforts toward a future with net-zero emission, it’s crucial to understand how zero-emission mandates are leading companies to innovate through fleet electrification while leveraging incentive programs to save on the cost of investment. Join Greenlots (soon to be Shell Recharge Solutions), and GNA for a comprehensive look at how these new regulations will impact medium- and heavy-duty fleet operations regardless of industry and how to keep a competitive edge with the use of incentive programs, including California Energy Commission’s EnergIIZE Commercial Vehicles (Energy Infrastructure Incentives for Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles) project, an example of a new U.S. zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty program set to go live in February/March of 2022.

During this webinar, gain insight into:

  • Clean regulation background — what the mandates mean.
  • How companies across industries are reacting to remain compliant with zero-emission goals.
  • The latest U.S. zero-emission government programs set to go live in February/March of 2022, including application eligibility and enrollment support.
  • How to navigate through government incentive programs created for medium-and heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Fleet customer success with similar government incentive program.
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